Business Unit DiagnostiX

Targeted therapy is becoming of upmost importance to fight blood cancer and lymphoma. With the development of new forms of therapy meant to enable personalized medication, there is high demand for new forms of efficient and precise diagnostics as well.

With the development of theranostic antibodies, modern diagnostics not only allows the detection of the disease, but also provides the basis for targeted therapies tailored to address the patient's need. By close interaction with the Therapy Business Unit, the Diagnostic Business Unit develops novel highly precise companion diagnostic tests for haemato-oncological disorders.


ApLife ® Diagnostic

With our ApLife ® diagnostic antibodies (AVA-D series), AVA LifeScience develops a new "gold standard" in the field of flow cytometric diagnostics of blood cancers.

Based on synthetic particles, the standards are provided for each parameter to be analyzed.

By this ApLife ® Diagnostics enables:

  1. standardized FACS data
  2. relative quantification of parameters 
  3. automation of FACS-based diagnostics
Moreover, existing FACS analyser can be used and no additional equipment is required.

With the application of ApLife ® products, flow cytometric diagnostics is raised to an exceptional level to meet the demand of modern diagnostics.